This Pink Matches!

Last Friday morning Simone and I were playing on the landing during our one-on-one Friday morning time (Serena and Annika were at Spanish School), looking over the fifteen thousand little wooden beads that were strewn across the floor from early morning three-girl playtime. Simone picked up a pink bead and held it next to a big, round ceramic pink piggy bank that sat there on the floor and said, “Look! This Pink matches!” And it did – it was exactly the same color. The thing is, when did Simone learn what “matches” means, and become to apt at applying that term? And for that matter, how did she learn all of her colors so perfectly? I mean, I know we talk about colors – Annika and Serena really like to talk over that stuff with Simone as well – but Simone has the color thing DOWN. It’s just astonishing. I know I bellow on and on about how shocked I am at how language develops on this blog often, and one could argue that I should be less shocked after three babes in a row, but it remains a mostly mysterious phenomenon. Oh, I know. There’s research and timelines and lots of explanation for how kids learn language, but seriously, it’s AMAZING to watch!

I have been convinced that Simone is learning her colors and language even earlier than Serena and Annika, but it turns out they are on almost the exact same developmental path right now, as evidence by this blog entry about Annika at 23ish months and this one about Serena around the same age.

It is so fun to hear what’s on Simone’s mind – well, all of their minds. And BOY do we get to hear what’s on their minds often. While I don’t have much time to notice or assess it, I’m pretty sure Jim has cut his already conservative chatting and commentary by around half. Maybe that’s why we stay up until after midnight most nights, chatting and doing random house stuff – because it’s the only time we actually get to talk and listen with each other’s full attention.

I need up upload some pictures, I know. I’m behind on everything. I’m thinking that’s simply the new me.

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