Annika is 3 Years Old (Dec. 15th)


Look at our Center Child – so growing up! We celebrated her birthday at Original Pancake House (again – her kid party was the day before… you know, those pictures I will most certainly find and post soon…) where they gave her this beautiful, FREE crepe which she didn’t even taste. But she ate lots of regular pancakes because the pancakes at OPH ROCK the pancake world… we celebrated again at dinner at Red Robin, with a FREE ice cream sundae and another song (more photos on that coming… soon!)

Annika is very proud of being three years old. She likes to tell people, strangers or not, that before her third birthday she used to be two-and-a-half. Sometimes she tells Serena that she (Annika) is a bigger girl because she is now three years old, to which Serena replies vehemently, “Annika, I AM THE BIGGEST SISTER BECAUSE I AM FOUR AND YOU ARE ONLY THREE!” Sometimes Annika yells back something and other times she just sucks her thumb and stares at Serena.

At three years old, Annika loves:
Her thumb. Candy. “Pad”, her big stuffed polar bear. Her “blue blanket”. Playing Hullabaloo. Dr. Seuss books. Pretend cooking, playing store, reading together, running and jumping. Staying home. Getting her hair cut. Her sisters (most of the time) and she’s very into Daddy right now in particular. She loves to sleep with us in our bed, sneaking in anywhere from midnight to 5am and just snuggling up against me and falling back to sleep (so sweet…)

At three years old, Annika really does NOT like:
Going out just for the sake of going out (she’s a home-body). Having her hair brushed. Eating dinner (right now anyway). Doing things on others’ schedules. Hurrying. Abrupt change. Most vegetables (carrots are okay and some peas. Edamame is a good bet, though.)

She’s very sense-oriented. She likes to taste, feel, smell, hear and look closely at anything she finds interesting. We have to watch her because she’ll still put many things in her mouth just to see what they taste like. Definitely can’t take her into the wild without a close watch! She also loves to explain things, talk about what’s on her mind, in long monologues. She’ll tell you all her thoughts and ideas in a long stream: Well, Serena was talking to Zoe and Zoe was wanting to play dress up but well Serena was too busy with her Corolle doll so she just didn’t want to play dress up and she was just playing with her Corolle so… (trailing off)

Annika is a very fun girl. She is strong-willed (whew, she sticks to it when she’s made up her mind!) and hilarious. She loves to make jokes and is clearly very pleased when we laugh at her funny stories and word plays. She LOVES to play with words – make up nicknames and rhymes for our names. She is protective and thoughtful, always making sure that her sisters are okay (Jennifer pointed this out when she, Aaron and the kids were here over Christmas and I’m noticing it even more now).

Happy three year birthday, Smiloh! Our lives are infinitely brighter and more exciting for having you in our family!! xoxoxo!

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