Mommy, Daddy and an Ambulance Driver

Here’s an email I got this evening from Anne Terese, our extraordinary, awesome, fabulous caregiver for the girls:


Hello Michelle,

I jotted these down earlier today and thought I’d send it your way while I was still thinking of it!

An exchange while drawing pictures of you, Jim and myself:

Annika: Daddy is a big boy.
Serena: Daddy is NOT a boy. Boys are either 5 or 1. Or 6, or 7. They’re whatever age little girls are.
A: Or 8.
S: Yes, 8. Or 4 or 3 or 2. But Daddy is all grown up now. So he is not a boy.
A: I am not all grown up though.
S: Don’t worry. You will be, we both will be! We will grow up like Mommy and Daddy. One day, even, we will be MOMMIES, just like Mommy.
A: And Daddies too! (Quite pleased with herself on this comment)
S: No. Um, not Daddies..because….(here she trails off, not really exactly certain why)
A: Well Mommies!
S: Yes, now you understand.
A: And Anne Terese too. I’m going to be Anne Terese too.
S: Well. Yeah. I’ll be BABYSITTER too, and then a mommy.
A: A Anne Terese?

Then later, in the car on the way to Gigglybops:

S: I want to be an ambulance driver when I grow up.
A: I want to be a ambulance driver when I grow up too…Because then I can….Anndd..what is a ambulance driver?
S: Someone who drives the ambulance.
A: What is the ambulance?
S: It is a important car that takes you to the hospital when you get sick or something needs fixed.
A: What does the hospital give you?
S: Oh, stitches and medicine and…..
A: Wheelchairs?
S: Yes, wheelchairs. Stuff to make you feel better.
A: A wheelchair for when you get hit by a car.

Ah yes, the fabulous things your children say everyday. If only I could retain more 🙂

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