Simone is 5.5 months, Annika is 23 months, Serena is 3.5 years old

I was in the kitchen this morning making lunches for their half-day with Anne Terese when I heard a crash and the klinking and shaking of the exersaucer. Then Annika says,

“Did you fall down, Serena?”

“Nyeaaa”, Serena replies, nonchalantly.

It is hilarious listening to them. They interact constantly now. Serena loves to tell Annika what to do, particularly, what she should wear for dress up. They have discovered an old jewelry box of mine and Serena loves to load up one of her many various bags with jewels and take them with her everywhere. In fact, Serena loves to load bags with a variety of things. Sometimes it’s shoes, as you’ve seen. Lately, she has branched out in to loading jammies and jewelry. Oh, and socks. So we carry these bags full of jewelry, socks, and Jammies all around town. Sometimes she loads one up for Annika, too, which Annika struggles to lift and carry – but is committed to joining her sister in this new fashion statement.

Annika loves to talk about shapes and colors. In her continuous running commentary, she often talk about the colors of the things in the room – and sometimes the shapes, too. I’m not even sure when/how she learned the shapes and colors. It’s like one day she just started saying them. At first, it was more random – many things were yellow and green – but then one day she just started saying the right color for everything. And now she just knows them. Crazy – and she’ll know them forever now. She’ll never need to learn her colors again. Stuff like that just strikes me sometimes.

I’m confident that Simone will join the conversation relatively soon. She, too, loves the sound of her voice. She makes all these beautiful sounds and she has amazing projection. She may even be louder than Annika – though it’s a close one. They both have bold, clear voices.

While Serena’s voice isn’t very loud, I notice it has gotten louder and clearer lately. I suspect two things: she has to be heard in an increasingly noisy house and she is becoming clearer and clearer about her opinions. Listening to Serena talk is fantastic. For example, right now she is very clear that she loves anything that has to do with princesses, dressing up, fancy dresses, jewelry, sparkles, pink – and especially “pink and red mixed together”. But it’s not all fancy glitzy talk. The other day Annika fell and hit her lip. It was bleeding and Annika was looking at the blood saying, “It’s red!” Serena said, “That’s called blood. It comes from inside your body. It goes around in your body and then it goes into your heart.” (or something very much like that.) I was taken aback. We haven’t ever talked about anything like that. I said, “Where did you learn about that?” She said, “At school. Miss Max taught it to us.” She has endless stories about kids at school and things they did during the day. Usually the stories are social (she seems to love socializing at school – in fact, about a month ago we had our first “teacher talking to” about Serena talking during circle time and not listening when they’d ask her to be quiet) so it was fun to hear some of the content of her preschool class. She is really into teaching things to Annika right now – the whole blood in your body thing, the alphabet, numbers, colors… it’s fun because Annika has learned a lot of those things just from interacting with Serena. (I guess we talk about them, too, but she definitely looks directly up to Serena more clearly than she does to us. We’re clearly getting more and more ousted from the “play-group” in some ways.)

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