Vulva Pit or Peanut

While I was walking off the plane after flying home from my (amazing) conference this weekend, I got this text from Jim:

Simone: “Daddy, do you have a vulva pit or a peanut?”

I laughed out loud, full-belly, at least 10 times as I tried not to get a reckless speeding ticket trying to get home as fast as possible after almost 5 days away from them all.

The details of the Vulva Pit or Peanut scene add even more hilarity to the story:

They are all in the bath and Simone said to Jim (very serious face): “Daddy, do you have a vulva pit or a peanut?”

Serena and Annika started cracking up hysterically. Then Annika took this as a teaching opportunity:

Annika: “SIMONE! No, it’s pee-NIS. pee-NIS. Say it with me: pee-NIS. PEE-NIS!”

Simone: (staring intently at Annika’s mouth) “penis… penis… penis.”

Annika: “Yea. Good.”

(Now, to somehow evolve that “vulva pit” term to just “vulva”… (they long ago decided it was a vulva “pit” because of it’s location at the “center” of your body, like a pit in fruit. So, there’s that.)

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