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Two Nights Away and a Surprise Party

Jim and I took our first longer than one night away trip last week. I had a sales seminar (a spiritual sales seminar, if you can fathom that!) to attend in Portland and he decided to come with me and hang out during the day while I was in my seminar. We left at 4:45am […]

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Aunt Nancy Jane Was Here

*Somehow this never got posted… * It’s from January. Since NJ is one of the three readers of this blog, I want to be sure this is here 😀 (xoxo, NJ!) **************** I virtually never take people to the airport when the leave from a visit. I usually have some good reason: have a work […]

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Reading Serena

Serena reads everything she can get her eyes on. She LOVES this new window into the world. It’s like a whole layer of the universe has opened a door to her. The other day during bedtime books, she read half of the book Little Island by Margaret Wise Brown. It’s a beautiful book, see: But […]

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