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Uncle Denny’s Beach House (more catch up)

After the highly social Christmas week in San Jose, we had the perfect pleasure of heading about 40 minutes north to stay in Uncle Denny’s fabulous little beach house. As soon as you walk into this warm little haven of a place, your breath releases. There’s a huge palm tree standing lamp and various guitars, […]

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California Family Goodness (catch up from holidays)

We had so much fun in California, didn’t we? (I’m sorry if you weren’t there – it would have been So fun to have you there…) Dad and Joanne (who were newlyweds and still welcomed us in to TAKE OVER their house) are such amazing hosts. Seriously, I can only barely imagine how their life […]

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Our triennial hair salon adventure! I can’t believe that we don’t take the girls to get their hair cut professionally more often, it makes such a HUGE difference! Simone was very reluctant, until she saw that they give away lollipops if you get a haircut. Then she hopped right into the car and had them […]

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