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Serena’s Self-Portrait Photography Project

Serena got ahold of the camera and took a bunch of self-portraits. Here they are: Here is the setting of the photography session (which she also photographed):

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Reading Serena

Serena reads everything she can get her eyes on. She LOVES this new window into the world. It’s like a whole layer of the universe has opened a door to her. The other day during bedtime books, she read half of the book Little Island by Margaret Wise Brown. It’s a beautiful book, see: But […]

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The Bus

Not only did Serena start Kindergarten, but she started (at her insistence!) riding the bus home from school all by herself – on this first day of school! And it was by far her MOST FAVORITE thing about school (and she really loves a lot about school so far, so the bus thing is winning […]

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Serena’s Birthday Princess Dress Up Tea Party

Here’s a shot of the Tea Party section of Serena’s birthday party at Grammy’s on Friday afternoon.  Perhaps due to the fabulously delicious menu – Michelle made scones AND cupcakes, and there were chocolate dipped strawberries to boot – the crowd remained sitting and surprisingly calm for much longer than we expected.  It was a […]

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Invite to Serena’s Tea Party B’day Party Tomorrow

Just wanted to invite you all to Serena’s big girl princess-leaning, dress-up tea party tomorrow afternoon at 3:30pm. xo! (There’s a tiara off to the right but it didn’t show. Just picture a diamond tiara and you’ve got the whole experience.)

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Serena and the Bride

Serena and I went on a surprise date last November to a wedding show at The Tower Theatre, a historic theatre here in Bend. As you know, Serena loves fancy dresses, shoes, hair… well, anything fancy. So, it was a real hit of an event. We had so much fun. She sat mesmerized as the […]

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At first there was one….and now there are two!  Serena lost her other front bottom tooth this evening.  The good news is that she caught this one when it came out.  Michelle made a lovely little fancy pouch out of some sparkly ribbon,  in which we placed the tooth, and Serena wanted to be certain […]

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Tooth Fairy

Serena has had two loose front bottom teeth for over a month. We learned they were loose when she last saw Dr. Rex (our dentist, who is also a self-proclaimed superhero) and he explained that she is losing her teeth about 1.5 years early. He says there’s a high probability she will need substantial orthodontic […]

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Serena and Annika are making Valentine’s this week. As they got to working on the writing part, we noticed they are level-jumping in their writing, each of them. Serena wrote, “Im 4” all on her own, with no discussion, no asking how to spell “I’m”. Nothing. Then she showed us and we both almost cried. […]

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Explaining Death

Serena, Annika and I were driving to Trader Joe’s today, practicing spelling and talking about their names. We talked about how Serena’s middle name is after her Uncle Aaron and how Annika’s middle name is after Jim’s grandmother, Lummy – whose given name was Maxine. Annika asked where Lummy is and Serena explained that she […]

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