Serena’s Self-Portrait Photography Project

Serena got ahold of the camera and took a bunch of self-portraits. Here they are:



Here is the setting of the photography session (which she also photographed):


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Serena’s In-the-Moment Ballet Dance to Hundreds of Eyes

Last week: Me: Digging out the crumpled papers from Serena’s barely-gonna-make-it tattered princess backpack… “Serena, there’s a talent show at your school, it says here. You going to be in it?” Serena: “Um, yeah.” Me: (surprised) “Really? Okay, cool. Whatcha’ gonna do for your talent?” Serena: “Ballet.” Me: “Are you going to do it with […]

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Vulva Pit or Peanut

While I was walking off the plane after flying home from my (amazing) conference this weekend, I got this text from Jim: Simone: “Daddy, do you have a vulva pit or a peanut?” I laughed out loud, full-belly, at least 10 times as I tried not to get a reckless speeding ticket trying to get […]

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