The Bus

Not only did Serena start Kindergarten, but she started (at her insistence!) riding the bus home from school all by herself – on this first day of school!

And it was by far her MOST FAVORITE thing about school (and she really loves a lot about school so far, so the bus thing is winning a real competitive contest.)

We all walked down to the bus stop around the corner from our house. It’s just a spot in front of a house in the middle of a neighborhood street – where we have no sidewalks. Tricky for hanging with Simone and Annika, we realized after we decided to make it a family affair.

It was worth the wait and regular complication of Annika and Simone meandering into the street while we waited for the LATE bus (the warned us that schedules would be off the first week or two so we weren’t worried about Serena. Just saving Annika and Simone’s lives off and on.)

We were very excited when we saw the bus make it’s way down the street.


Then the big arrival.


She was moving so fast that it was impossible to get a clear photo, as you can see. Then Hannah – who is 7 years old and offered to walk Serena home any time we can’t pick Serena up at the bus stop (according to Serena – after which she requested that we not pick her up sometime so Hannah could walk her home) – shared the “ropes” with us. “If you aren’t here in the street to meet her, then she should take 10 steps away from the bus then look at the driver.” Hannah went on her way to her house from there (kinda feel like I should have paid some attention to whether she had an escort but she seemed so adept at the whole thing, it didn’t occur to me.)

Then onto stories about the first real day of Kindergarten.


“That big girl gave me this pencil!”

Me: Wow – that’s very nice of her. Did she say what made her give you a pencil?

“She just said she had too many.”



Her bus tag gets placed on her neck at the end of each day to make sure she gets on the right bus. Safety first.

Off for home we all walk, to change into swimsuits and take advantage of some of the last days of summer weather at our very cool outdoor activity pool at the rec center. Then Red Robin for dinner to celebrate the new school year.

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  1. Sep12

    Grammy Franco

    Said this at 7:51pm:

    You are all so brave and so wonderful. She will grow up even faster now. Such a face getting off the bus. Just nothing but delight. You have done everything so right to this point.Dont screw it up from here on. How is that for Motherly advise. I do so love you all.


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