Serena’s Birthday Princess Dress Up Tea Party

Birthday Tea Party

Here’s a shot of the Tea Party section of Serena’s birthday party at Grammy’s on Friday afternoon.  Perhaps due to the fabulously delicious menu – Michelle made scones AND cupcakes, and there were chocolate dipped strawberries to boot – the crowd remained sitting and surprisingly calm for much longer than we expected.  It was a very dignified tea party!   Well………..

Serena's Fancy Tea Party

…for a while, anyway!  More photos to follow!

Simone vs. The Pinata

So, one of the current themes of Franco Girl Birthday parties is….the Pinata!  Annika was very insistent upon having one at her party back in December, and it was so much fun (apparently…3-5 year old girls actually turn out NOT to be all that into smashing something to pieces) that Serena included it in her party request, too.  After every one had had 2-3 turns, Michelle had to take a few cuts to actually distribute the contents!

Gourmet Tea Party Treats

Good stuff!  Michelle made the scones, and they were EXCELLENT, especially when topped with the real whipped cream.  Another recurring theme that you may notice…Grammy hosts all birthday parties!  We talk about her having a better space for a party, but the cold hard truth is that her house is way cleaner than ours, and therefore much easier to prep.

Dress Up Time

Dress Up Time!  That’s Karah, Serena, Luna, and Annika getting ready for the Ball.  Serena and Annika’s dress up collection went into a closet in one of the upstairs bedrooms.  Funny, even with eight girls trying things on, we had plenty for everyone…

Tea Party

Here’s a shot of the actual Tea Party segment.  Unlike our normal dinner experiences, everyone stayed at the table – I mean completely! -  for at least 15-20 minutes, maybe longer.  I guess real whipped cream, homemade scones, and homemade cupcakes are a little more enticing than our standard dinner fare.  Simone looks very big hanging out with all the big girls – yikes!  Thanks again for hosting, Grammy!

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