Serena and the Bride

Serena and I went on a surprise date last November to a wedding show at The Tower Theatre, a historic theatre here in Bend. As you know, Serena loves fancy dresses, shoes, hair… well, anything fancy. So, it was a real hit of an event. We had so much fun. She sat mesmerized as the lights dimmed in the theatre and they showed dramatic weddings videos, then did a fashion show of wedding dresses and tuxedos and wedding party attire. After the fashion show, they had a “reception” where caterers passed hors d’oeurves and champagne and everyone mingled and checked out various wedding vendors. The brides from the fashion show joined the minglers. As we strolled around, Serena dressed in her own fancy dress and headband, we came across a “bride” having a photography session. Serena watched intently, starstruck. The bride asked Serena if she’d like to be in a photo with her. Serena agreed, doe-eyed. After the short photo session, the photographer told us to check his blog so we could see the photo. Here it is. (Scroll to the bottom of the post)

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