Serena shows her new gap

Serena shows her new gap

At first there was one….and now there are two!  Serena lost her other front bottom tooth this evening.  The good news is that she caught this one when it came out.  Michelle made a lovely little fancy pouch out of some sparkly ribbon,  in which we placed the tooth, and Serena wanted to be certain we left another note for the Tooth Fairy.  She also wanted another “gold quarter” – I had a Susan B Anthony dollar coin for her first tooth, and luckily we were able to find one more.  Seems like it might have been a bit inconvenient to establish that as the standard…have to start stashing those away!

Seems like part of the problem with Serena losing her first two teeth so early is that she doesn’t have quite as much understanding of the process.  She keeps asking how long it will take for the new tooth to come in, and she’s really pretty nervous about the whole situation.  Also, I really don’t know how to answer – I don’t know how long it’ll take, so my answers might not be quite as reassuring as I intend – I get the feeling she’s listening very closely to the answers we’re coming up with.  Time for some quick research on the tooth topic!

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  1. Mar16


    Said this at 6:44am:

    This is what happens when you have such ‘intelligent’ children Jim!!! Keeps you on your toes with having the answers to their questions for some of the most obivous (to them) but complex (to parents) questions on pretty much everyday occurrances! Have fun. . .those pictures of you and your little ladies and their strollers is so cute. . .could you have ever imagined five years ago? Love mom Chris


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