Oh. Okay.

img_3247 Simone is 21 months old. She LOVES conversation. In fact, I’m pretty       sure that her love of conversation is the reason she is having significant trouble (read: refusing and or passionately resisting) sleep suddenly. Sometimes it takes her over an hour to go to sleep. (Funny parenting side note: with Serena – and even still with Annika – we would be TOTALLY stressed about this sleep thing. But since we now know that EVERY SINGLE STAGE passes – the easy ones and the hard ones – we are just riding this out, with little stress.) She will lay there in her crib and chat away, mostly saying things we can’t understand over the monitor because of the background noise of her air purifier.

She has some pretty fun little idiosyncratic conversation habits. Here are a few:
1. She virtually always responds with “oh”. For example – I say,”That’s Mama’s mascara.” She responds: “Oh. Mascara.” or “Hey, look at the red truck!” She responds: “Oh. Red truck!”
2. She is pretty accepting of things, even when she was hoping for another outcome. . For example – I say, “Oh, that’s eyeliner. That’s just for Mama’s.” She responds: “Okaaay.” (though she may ask for it again in ten seconds, as though it’s a whole new topic.)
3. She likes to punctuate her ideas with the name of the person to whom she is talking. For example, “I do it myself, Mama!” or “Mama, I want to do it myself, Mama!”

She is both extremely tolerant and exceptionally strong. Serena picks her up about 20 times per day (each time, we say, “Serena, PLEASE don’t pick up Simone.” It’s working great.) and while she sometimes yells when Serena does it, often she just goes with it and lets Serena carry her around, toes dangling one centimeter off the floor. And yet, when one of the older girls tries to take something from her hands (or when she decides she wants to take something from their hands), she turns into the Incredible Hulk! They can almost never pry the item from her hands. Heck, I struggle to pry it from her hands! If she gets particularly mad in the process, she’ll start biting the item so hard that her head will shake. I love her intensity and her lovely laid back nature both.

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