Serena and Annika are making Valentine’s this week. As they got to working on the writing part, we noticed they are level-jumping in their writing, each of them.

Serena wrote, “Im 4” all on her own, with no discussion, no asking how to spell “I’m”. Nothing. Then she showed us and we both almost cried. She has begun rudimentary reading (recognizes common words like, Mom, Mama, Dad, Daddy, her and hers sisters’ names, and can sound out three letter words like cup, etc.)

Here’s her “Im 4”:


Annika has begun really enjoying making letters. She started with the letter “A” months ago (Serena started with the letter “A”, too, interestingly) but has now branched into making many letters on her own. Here’s her “AE” from this morning’s crafting session with Jim:


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  1. Feb22


    Said this at 8:03am:

    Missing your more frequent updates on your site, but understand fully with all that you have on your plate. Hope all is well with your little family, know that I’m thinking of you all the time. XOXO to everyone! Love Mama


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