Totally Random Girl Narrated (mostly) Photo Update


Serena and her fluffy soft pink slippers (she chose this picture to put in this update and uploaded it herself!)


Happy Simone – playing with her new choo choo train spinning top from Grammy for Christmas


Aunt Nancy! Reading, as often, to a riveted crowd. (Really – Serena is just visualizing the story…)


Grammy – happy smiley Grammy.


Here we are, ready to go to the “Winter White Holiday Party”. I could not find a white dress in December, so Grammy and I made this dress. I don’t have white boots and it was freezing so I decided to go “edgy-white-look”. Ever the fashion plate. Jim and I match, which we try to do most days. Annika is a fancy poser.


Simone, pineapple robe, one pink shoe, pink camo-sunglasses baby.


Photo chosen and uploaded by Annika – these fluffy, soft, blue slippers are a hot item. Thanks to Graunty Tricia for these much loved gifts!


Serena with the Nutcracker Sugar Plum Fairy – starstruck!


Simone is dancing down the runway in the season’s latest cow-print leg warmers and a boldy striped long sleeve top sent from Grandma Chris.


Oh, and here we are back at the Nutcracker… with Clara (none-other-than!) and Serena and Annika. Mesmerized! Clara’s mom says she has been wanting to be Clara in the Nutcracker since she was Annika’s age. Serena has similar plans!


(Serena narrating) Oh, and here we are at the Nutcracker with the Sugar Plum Fairy again. And Serena and Annika having fun! The end.


(Annika narrating) Serena and Annika are beautiful. We’re just putting our hands on our hips. Serena looks pretty in her skirt. I look pretty.


(Serena narrating) I’m doing down-dog. Annika is doing something cool that I can’t do. (Annika adds) You CAN do that! I can only see your bottom! (Serena again) And I am doing down-dog and my hair is pretty and I love it. I didn’t know it was like that.


(Annika narrates) Papa’s pretty.


(Serena narrating) Simone has a funny face and I like it and I don’t know where she got it. And Annika’s washing her hair and Simone is making a soothing face in the water and they’re having a good time in the bath.


(Annika narrating) My hair looks pretty and I love my headband. Everyone is so pretty. This is Annika, Simone, Kaden, Dean and Serena.


(Serena narrating) I like this and it’s so fun. Simone is giving my silky baby a drink of the bottle and it’s goofy.


(Simone narrating) Scout! (Tout!) Mamey! Gammy!


Twiddling! It’s Christmas!


(Serena narrating) Uh, that was when I got my barbie and I’m having fun with her out in the snow. I have stinky feet so that it’s the best Christmas. Grammy is here but she is inside. She’s having fun and so am I. Annika is marching around with stinky feet and no pants!


(Annika narrating) That’s Simone. She’s just making some marshmallows. And she’s making, um, rice kripie treats!

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