Oma and Nana Visit!

Oma (my Gramma) and Nana came to visit!

Nothing beats the unstructured time of out of town visiting, especially with Norma’s generous and kind hospitality. They stayed next door at Norma’s house but could walk over to our house with great ease for dinner, visiting, various item exchanges… and we did the same. This arrangement rocks in so many ways!

Oma has fantastic, fascinating, fun stories. I love the stories she tells about being married to my Papa… about how she took a taxi everywhere with her kids before she drove… and how she once threw out a whole cake before Papa got home so he wouldn’t see that she even tried to bake one.

We stared at the girls while they danced their hearts out, shared dress up and jewelry adornment with Nana, did a little shopping and just generally soaked them up as much as possible. It was so much great fun.

IMG_9790 copy

Scout and Oma had a nice bond, immediately.

IMG_2543 copy

Serena, Annika and Simone did some serious dance shows, complete with between the legs moves and everything.


And Simone made sure that Nana was properly nourished with her peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Very nourished.

IMG_2537 copy

Just can’t resist the Annika Face pictures…


Nana helped doll the girls up before the dance show.

IMG_2527 copy

Dolled up with bracelets attached to bobby pin style hair clips by rubber bands = earrings. Serena is already a jewelry designer (as well as a clothing designer – we’ll have to share some of those masterpieces as well.)

IMG_9788 copy

Annika started preschool!! And here she and Serena stand next to their coloring projects from Busy Buddies (the fish tanks on the wall. The turkey was a project, too – but this photo is about the fish bowls.) It’s fascinating to see the ways they approach the same things so differently because of their differences in age, style, interest…

IMG_2521 copy

We all trekked to the High Desert Museum and had a lovely day strolling around the place, the girls LOVING the chance to show one of their favorite places to Oma and Nana.

IMG_2516 copy

Oma and Grammy.

IMG_2505 copy 1

Annika and the tarantula. Spooky. Tell me you’re not thinking of the Brady Bunch right now…

IMG_2494 copy

Nana smile.

IMG_2492 copy

Our van fits eight people (including three carseats) under extremely tight conditions, which we engaged. Oma was very skeptical and talked a lot about sardines and anxiety, but she survived and we all had a lovely, cozy ride to and fro the museum.

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