Happy Birthday (belated), Grammy!


As a belated birthday present for Norma (her birthday was August 29th), we took her to Jen’s Garden for dinner. It’s a cozy, fine-dining restaurant in a little cottage in Sisters (a psuedo-old west town about 20 miles northwest of us). We took her there because it is the best food I have tasted in at least ten years. Probably more. Seriously, the way they combine flavors is extraordinary. See, don’t both Norma and Nancy look very pleased?!


And the food is beautiful. I love beautiful food. Okay – this one doesn’t really look as beautiful in photos as it did in real life. Plus, the flash just washed the whole candle-lit experience out entirely. Nonetheless, it was super yummy! This is Jim’s beef tenderdloin.

These photos are dedicated to Grauntie Jane, who Nancy says has an encyclopedia-sized collection of fancy restaurant food photos. (Sending love, Grauntie Jane!)


This is my delicious halibut entree. Seriously, isn’t it gorgeous? And it tasted infinitely better than it looks.

Plus, we had lovely adult conversation for an entire two hours since Anne Terese came and took care of the girls while we went out to this dinner.

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