Two Nights Away and a Surprise Party

Jim and I took our first longer than one night away trip last week. I had a sales seminar (a spiritual sales seminar, if you can fathom that!) to attend in Portland and he decided to come with me and hang out during the day while I was in my seminar. We left at 4:45am to make the 3.5 hour trip and arrive by 9am on Thursday and stayed until Saturday morning.

We had such a lovely time. Jim took pictures, hiked, went to Powell’s twice, and drank beer in the various bars around McMenamins Kennedy School, where we stayed. I connected with the Divine while learning how to “offer my gifts” in a way that expresses “sovereignty” over my business and elicits trust from my potential clients. That may sound like a lot of hullaballoo, but it was awesome. I LOVED the seminar, got a ton of practical tools and a hearty and much-needed dose of spiritual connection – plus made a few kindred spirit friends. Jim totally dug the unstructured time for exploration.

We have photos but Jim has the camera right now at the pool with the girls so those will have to come later. Which is a bummer because we came home to the coolest surprise party ever. ALL of our most favorite people were here (well, except for you, of course) and the girls had made a gorgeous construction paper chain that had to be 20 feet long(!), delicious homemade cupcakes with custom colors of frosting and sprinkles, wrapped gifts (such as Simone’s special “peace” pencil, the lid to a doll sippy cup, a ruler from the art cabinet), and handmade hats that looked like king crowns and those little felt cup hats that sit on the back of a jewish person’s head at special times (what are those called?), and straw with pinwheels on some and little party favor butterfly decorations on the others. We even had hummus and pita chips for snack before we had cupcakes because we have to eat healthy food to get our body ready for sweets :-) The girls were zinging with excitement about the whole thing. It was the best homecoming I’ve ever experienced.

Welcome Home Party

Welcome Home Party

I missed the girls while we were away. I worried that they’d miss us a lot and feel sad. Yet, every time we called they were really too busy with their “project” to talk to us. While this could seem like it might upset me, it was actually so comforting to know that they were so happy and fine with Grammy and their big secret shenanigans.

We’re back into the swing of things now, which feels good. I’m also digging knowing that we can go away and everything can be totally fine here at home. I’m having a teeny bit of a hard time resisting planning the next getaway… 😀

Photos are now here!  And if you are curious about what I really learned in my woo-woo sales seminar, I wrote about it on my Brazen Soul Blog here.

LOTS of Hard Work by Serena, Annika, and Simone - Party Planners Extraordinaire!

LOTS of Hard Work by Serena, Annika, and Simone - Party Planners Extraordinaire!

Amazing Homecoming - Note the Homemade Chain Decoration up High!

Amazing Homecoming - Note the Homemade Chain Decoration up High!

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