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img_7403Serena reads everything she can get her eyes on. She LOVES this new window into the world. It’s like a whole layer of the universe has opened a door to her.

The other day during bedtime books, she read half of the book Little Island by Margaret Wise Brown. It’s a beautiful book, see:


But even more meaningfully, it has gorgeous and relatively difficult reading. And she just plugs along – struggling through the words until she can sound them out and say them all.

When we woke this next morning (Serena had been up for a half hour or so already), she said, “I finished reading The Little Island by myself!”

I have wondered if Serena would have trouble sticking to things because she gives up easily on physical activity – like riding a bike, climbing walls, that kind of thing. But it’s not that she has trouble sticking to things, it’s that she wasn’t playing in her strengths and interests right then so she didn’t care as much. I so get that – I’m like that about physical stuff, too.

Right now, as Jim and I sit in the office working (Stacey is here with them), all three girls are in the fort we made this morning and Serena is reading them a book with a flashlight. Sniff sniff.

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  1. Mar6

    Grammy Franco

    Said this at 8:28am:

    This is so like her father at that age. You feel so pleased and proud but at the same time you wonder how exactly did it happen right before your eyes. People will think you have been spending hours with her teaching her. Bless their hearts!! She has learned by example – TWO parents that love the written word. War and Peace is next!!!


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