img_7407Man, remember the days when I used to update this website regularly. I’d tell stories about being pregnant with Serena, muse about my latest haircut and the strange new world of pregnancy… then when Serena was born, I’d tell all these little sweet details of her infancy, her walking, eating, the lists of words she was saying.

I did quite a bit (but not as much) of that with Annika, too.

Simone is getting the shaft! While I know it is really explainable (three kids, two small businesses in the worst economic times in our lifetime) it is still such a bummer. I notice Simone’s little self-ness all the time! She is SO exciting to be around – I just don’t have a moment to get on the computer and document these little awesome Simone stories.

Right now, I’m literally stealing a moment. I don’t have it. But here I am. Simone deserves to have these stories in here, and I want you all to know Simone, too! (though the three of you already keep up on Simone details as it is :-D)

Like just now, I’m sitting here in the office, frantically working and I hear Simone squealing:

“It’s the whole kind of mac and cheese! Girls, it’s the big kind!” and her feet pad heavily and fast past the office door and up the stairs to share the glorious news of lunch.

She spends all day in absolute celebration of her life! It’s mind-blowing, really, and it makes all of the craziness of our lives feel so hilarious so often.

I like to call her my “Wild Child” but I’m smiling. She isn’t “difficult” – she’s just got more energy than her tiny body can hold so she has to fling herself around the Universe to wear it all out enough.

She talks constantly. Each of our girls is progressively more talkative – Simone is a huge level-leap beyond Annika in sheer verbal content all day long. She tells you about her thoughts (“I was thinking that maybe we could go to Bouncing Off the Walls today. Would you like that, Serena?”, head tilt, extended eye contact)

She is the moral compass. Another overheard comment just moment ago, outside my office door:

“Serena, you shouldn’t have done that to Annika.” (Serena: “Sorry, Annika.”)

She has way more influence over her sisters than one would expect of the youngest – especially at 2.5 years old – in the family. I think it’s the infectious positivity, excitement and constant party going on in her heart and body. It’s like you just want to be NEAR her.

Yes – we have struggles with her at times, I suppose. But I can’t think of them right now. Can’t even think of one story of one. So, I won’t.

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  1. Feb26

    Grammy Franco

    Said this at 11:17am:

    I can see her excitement over the mac and cheese announcement to the girls. What is it about mac and cheese?

    She is also the best snuggle baby ever in this world.

    Thanks for the update. I know how busy takes priority.

  2. Mar4

    Grammy Franco

    Said this at 6:37am:

    Every time I look at the picture it makes me laugh. It looks like her birthday smile for pictures. I love it.

  3. Mar4


    Said this at 9:19am:

    I know – Jim comments on it, too, when he goes to the LSP page. It is such a Simi face!

    I think I don’t understand the mac n’ cheese thing – then I taste it every so often and I sort of get it. It’s so yummy, cheesy, warm goodness.

    Simi is a star cuddler. Even more than before – wait and see, in FIVE DAYS! Can’t wait to see you. xo


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