Uncle Denny’s Beach House (more catch up)

After the highly social Christmas week in San Jose, we had the perfect pleasure of heading about 40 minutes north to stay in Uncle Denny’s fabulous little beach house. As soon as you walk into this warm little haven of a place, your breath releases. There’s a huge palm tree standing lamp and various guitars, drums and other instruments hung on the walls and displayed on stands. Even for someone like me who couldn’t find a music “key” to open the door of the trunk I’m locked in, it feels like one could play a lovely tune just by breathing the air in this place.

We totally took over Julie’s awesome, funky little coffee house twice (feeling like we won the best shopping spree ever when we were invited to get anything we wanted – twice! Oh, such a fun treat!) I can’t believe I didn’t take photos of that cool cafe.

Aaron, Miles and Marabee came over and the kids had a jam session (see photo). The tide pools U. Denny and Julie took us to were THE coolest I’ve ever seen – HUGE area with gorgeous anemone, little snail crabby guys and big giant beached seals right there. Just beauty abounding. Again – wish I had my camera, though frankly, I would have broken it for all the times I went down on the pokey tide pool rocks. Unlike Miles Barry who is supernatural in his ability to traverse tricky terrain. Serena and Annika kept trying to keep up with him, which meant we were flailing behind trying to save them from taking tumbles as they practically ran to keep up. Miles walked along as though he was on a newly crafted city sidewalk.

The girls even all slept together in one bed one night – unprecedented. It was an early morning wake up – but sweetness overall.

I loved getting all that time with Uncle Denny and Julie. We had awesome conversations, shared a yummy dinner (do whatever you can to get some of Julie’s pesto) and Jim even got to play a round of golf with Uncle Denny (in December!)

I can only imagine how wonderful it would be to wake each morning to that ocean smell and the crashing waves in the not-that-far-away distance. Super healing.

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