California Family Goodness (catch up from holidays)

We had so much fun in California, didn’t we? (I’m sorry if you weren’t there – it would have been So fun to have you there…)

Dad and Joanne (who were newlyweds and still welcomed us in to TAKE OVER their house) are such amazing hosts. Seriously, I can only barely imagine how their life gets turned upside down when we arrive. Yet, Dad regularly tells us how much they enjoy having us there and how welcome we are to continue to cause mayhem during our stay. The girls ate Joanne’s dinners voraciously. She is an amazing cook – yum.

I loved getting big giant family time at all the festivities, not the least of which was Auntie Jan and Uncle Steve’s Xmas Eve party (which happens after Christmas now, for scheduling ease). The infamous ornament exchange and carol singing did not disappoint.

Nice, quiet visits like the one with my mom and G’pa Ken were so lovely amidst all of the big events. Poor mom was so sick – but I am so glad we got that one little window of wellness with her. The girls loved playing on their HUGE lawn and getting way too many funny little mango chewy candies there. I had plans with two other friends during the visit that had to be canceled because everyone in their families was sick. We got SO lucky. We stayed well the whole time.

I can’t remember all the details (it was a hell of a lot of merriment going on) but these photos might inspire some fun memories for those of you who were there – and give you a window into the jolliness if you weren’t there.

These images are acting kinda funny and I don’t have the technical skill or patience to fix it… click the image and it’ll take you to Picasa where you can see the whole album larger anyway…

We went to the San Jose Children’s Discovery Museum with Aaron, Miles and Marabee. More fun. See:

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