Our triennial hair salon adventure!

I can’t believe that we don’t take the girls to get their hair cut professionally more often, it makes such a HUGE difference!

Simone was very reluctant, until she saw that they give away lollipops if you get a haircut. Then she hopped right into the car and had them take off about 4 INCHES of length!

Annika told the hair stylist: “I want mine long on one side and really short on the other.” Just like she always tells me and I try to do something cute but never quite get there. The stylist had some better ideas, including a very fun way sloped angle along the back.

Serena wants to grow her hair to her toes so we just “cleaned up the ends” and added a little bit of layering around her face. She’s such a big girl – ugh.

Check it all out:

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