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Mama, Does Anything Make You Die?

Some “bigger girl” told Annika (when they were in the pool last week) that if you swallow pool water you can die. We did not know the conversation occurred. Last week, Annika came downstairs when we thought she was already asleep. She walked into the office, lip quivering and eyes brimmed with tears, totally choked […]

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Serena and Annika are making Valentine’s this week. As they got to working on the writing part, we noticed they are level-jumping in their writing, each of them. Serena wrote, “Im 4” all on her own, with no discussion, no asking how to spell “I’m”. Nothing. Then she showed us and we both almost cried. […]

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Explaining Death

Serena, Annika and I were driving to Trader Joe’s today, practicing spelling and talking about their names. We talked about how Serena’s middle name is after her Uncle Aaron and how Annika’s middle name is after Jim’s grandmother, Lummy – whose given name was Maxine. Annika asked where Lummy is and Serena explained that she […]

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Annika is 3 Years Old (Dec. 15th)

Look at our Center Child – so growing up! We celebrated her birthday at Original Pancake House (again – her kid party was the day before… you know, those pictures I will most certainly find and post soon…) where they gave her this beautiful, FREE crepe which she didn’t even taste. But she ate lots […]

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Mommy, Daddy and an Ambulance Driver

Here’s an email I got this evening from Anne Terese, our extraordinary, awesome, fabulous caregiver for the girls: **************** Hello Michelle, I jotted these down earlier today and thought I’d send it your way while I was still thinking of it! An exchange while drawing pictures of you, Jim and myself: Annika: Daddy is a […]

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Our Center Child

  We’ve thought a good deal about Annika being the “middle” child. We are encouraged by those “middle” children we know who have strong feelings about their experience as middle children to be very aware of the dynamics that can occur (special shout to you all – you know who you are :-). I can […]

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The Business of Being Happy

My latest article came out in True North Parenting magazine. It’s called: The Business of Being Happy: Family and the Entrepreneurial Spirit. And it was a cover article this time! Movin’ on up… on up… to the top (are you singing?? C’mon, you’re singing!) Check out the article. This is one of my very most […]

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Diaper Duty

When you say to Simone, “Assume the position!” (a phrase coined by Aunt Nancy Jane), she lays down and scoots her bottom toward you and her diaper. Today, Annika put Simone’s diaper on – big girl! Boo hoo. (Yet unbelievably sweet to watch.)

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Annika Ballerina

Annika started in Ms. Marcelle’s Pre-ballet class last Wednesday (the same one Serena was in last year.) Here she is, dancing like a true ballerina on the first day.

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“I love Serena”

Grammy and Annika were spending some time together, just the two of them. Grammy, noticing how lovely it was to be hanging out, just the two ot them, said gently to Annika, “I love you, Annika”. Annika replied, equally gently and lovingly, “I love Serena.” Nothing like a little loving reciprocal sentiment Recently, in the […]

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