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Mama, Does Anything Make You Die?

Some “bigger girl” told Annika (when they were in the pool last week) that if you swallow pool water you can die. We did not know the conversation occurred. Last week, Annika came downstairs when we thought she was already asleep. She walked into the office, lip quivering and eyes brimmed with tears, totally choked […]

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How You Doin’ Mama?

I was cleaning the bathroom the other day when Simone walked in, totally purposeful, filling a cup for some (messy, I’m sure) experiment she was conducting. “How you doin’ Mama? You doing good?”, she asked, distractedly, as she climbed the stool to the sink. When did she get so grown up? How does she just […]

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Simone’s 2nd Birthday!

Birthday girl and Annika.  Surprise!  We had Simone’s party at Grammy’s house.  Simone has figured out what you do when someone shouts “Smile!”……well, almost.  But she is really willing to try, which separates her from her sisters, who primarily refused to look at the camera under any circumstances when they were this age.  Also note […]

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Ooops…..Sorry, Mama!

First of all, I did add a few more photos and comments from Serena’s birthday party, but I just added them below the first two photos, so you may not have noticed.  Check it out below! So Michelle and I came up with another nice idea for birthdays – a one on one date for […]

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This Pink Matches!

Last Friday morning Simone and I were playing on the landing during our one-on-one Friday morning time (Serena and Annika were at Spanish School), looking over the fifteen thousand little wooden beads that were strewn across the floor from early morning three-girl playtime. Simone picked up a pink bead and held it next to a […]

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Oh. Okay.

Simone is 21 months old. She LOVES conversation. In fact, I’m pretty       sure that her love of conversation is the reason she is having significant trouble (read: refusing and or passionately resisting) sleep suddenly. Sometimes it takes her over an hour to go to sleep. (Funny parenting side note: with Serena – and even still […]

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While I have been posting on the theme of Living the Dream in jest, I cannot help but marvel at our amazing friends here. Frankly, I wonder at times if we deserve such immense love and support. We can get so absorbed in our busy life that we sometimes fail to show up in the […]

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Living the Dream, Part 2

After I wrote that blog post called, “Living the Dream”, I was rushing down the dark stairway after putting Simone to bed and I hit a stair just exactly wrong and twisted my ankle. I was on the bottom stair, writhing in pain, and Scout just kept licking my face – just like in those […]

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Monie the Potty Girl

Simone has now made poops and peeps on the potty a total of four times! Maybe even one or two other times we aren’t sure about. It’s fascinating. She’ll just say, “Poops! Want the potty!” or something like that, then we place her on the potty and, to our great shock, she goes! She’s only […]

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Roars, Names, and Slapstick

A little video of the girls, hi-lighting Simone. When you ask Simone what her name is, she says, “Cu-Cu-Culkin” – because Annika always says Macauley Culkin (who is in the Nutcracker ballet video they love to watch) as “Macauley Cu-Cu-culkin”.

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