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Aunt Nancy Jane Was Here

*Somehow this never got posted… * It’s from January. Since NJ is one of the three readers of this blog, I want to be sure this is here 😀 (xoxo, NJ!) **************** I virtually never take people to the airport when the leave from a visit. I usually have some good reason: have a work […]

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Family Tiny Bathroom Painting

We painted the tiniest bathroom in all of North America, all five of us at once. (Okay, Grammy, you’ve got that one bathroom that’s smaller – with the RV sink it in and all. But this makes for a more dramatic story.) Here are some photos: (click the top photo to see the album) family […]

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Uncle Denny’s Beach House (more catch up)

After the highly social Christmas week in San Jose, we had the perfect pleasure of heading about 40 minutes north to stay in Uncle Denny’s fabulous little beach house. As soon as you walk into this warm little haven of a place, your breath releases. There’s a huge palm tree standing lamp and various guitars, […]

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California Family Goodness (catch up from holidays)

We had so much fun in California, didn’t we? (I’m sorry if you weren’t there – it would have been So fun to have you there…) Dad and Joanne (who were newlyweds and still welcomed us in to TAKE OVER their house) are such amazing hosts. Seriously, I can only barely imagine how their life […]

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Our triennial hair salon adventure! I can’t believe that we don’t take the girls to get their hair cut professionally more often, it makes such a HUGE difference! Simone was very reluctant, until she saw that they give away lollipops if you get a haircut. Then she hopped right into the car and had them […]

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Totally Random Girl Narrated (mostly) Photo Update

Serena and her fluffy soft pink slippers (she chose this picture to put in this update and uploaded it herself!) Happy Simone – playing with her new choo choo train spinning top from Grammy for Christmas Aunt Nancy! Reading, as often, to a riveted crowd. (Really – Serena is just visualizing the story…) Grammy – […]

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Oma and Nana Visit!

Oma (my Gramma) and Nana came to visit! Nothing beats the unstructured time of out of town visiting, especially with Norma’s generous and kind hospitality. They stayed next door at Norma’s house but could walk over to our house with great ease for dinner, visiting, various item exchanges… and we did the same. This arrangement […]

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Manzanita – Our Oregon Coast House Swap

 I love Craigslist. I have loved Craigslist for many years because it stands for so many cool things: free collaboration, community, recycling, good deals, trusting others, simplicity… and now I love Craigslist infinitely more because it was the matchmaker for us and this unbelievably beautiful experience we had on the Oregon coast just under two […]

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General Play

We’ve had this on our wall for months. It’s Serena’s first map, she made it in preschool last Spring. Jim is so proud and hopeful that his love of maps is showing up in Serena. Car seat “HI!” Serena was very upset that Simone had a whole half of our loaf of french bread. I […]

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Suttle Lake – Not So Subtle Us

We took a short road trip to Suttle Lake today, which is about 45 minutes from our house. A lovely day in so many ways; stunningly blue skies and warm temperate weather, a whole day with no other commitments, and happy dispositions all around. There’s just something primally exhilirating about pristine nature (see Annika running […]

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