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Serena’s Self-Portrait Photography Project

Serena got ahold of the camera and took a bunch of self-portraits. Here they are: Here is the setting of the photography session (which she also photographed):

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Serena and Annika are making Valentine’s this week. As they got to working on the writing part, we noticed they are level-jumping in their writing, each of them. Serena wrote, “Im 4” all on her own, with no discussion, no asking how to spell “I’m”. Nothing. Then she showed us and we both almost cried. […]

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Serena the Artist

Does every parent have secret plans to save their child’s early artwork so that one day, when they are discovered to be an extraordinary, world-renouned artist they can pull out that artwork and show where it all began? Me, too. Serena draws many, many ballerina’s every day. (As this one is, they usually have on […]

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