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Aunt Nancy Jane Was Here

*Somehow this never got posted… * It’s from January. Since NJ is one of the three readers of this blog, I want to be sure this is here 😀 (xoxo, NJ!) **************** I virtually never take people to the airport when the leave from a visit. I usually have some good reason: have a work […]

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Rhythms of a Mompreneur – and I miss you.

Hello my beloved family and friends, I miss you. I miss writing with you in mind, imagining you listening. Most of you know (the three of you left still checking this blog) that I’ve been pretty absorbed in my business for the last year. At first it felt good to be so focused, to be […]

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Serena’s Birthday Princess Dress Up Tea Party

Here’s a shot of the Tea Party section of Serena’s birthday party at Grammy’s on Friday afternoon.  Perhaps due to the fabulously delicious menu – Michelle made scones AND cupcakes, and there were chocolate dipped strawberries to boot – the crowd remained sitting and surprisingly calm for much longer than we expected.  It was a […]

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Cousin Visit – Dec 2008

The girls LOVE when their cousins, Miles and Marabee, come to visit. Tons of good times: snow play, bath play, house play, dance play, swim play, scavenger hunt play, craft play… all around lots of play. Look at all those various blonde heads.

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Totally Random Girl Narrated (mostly) Photo Update

Serena and her fluffy soft pink slippers (she chose this picture to put in this update and uploaded it herself!) Happy Simone – playing with her new choo choo train spinning top from Grammy for Christmas Aunt Nancy! Reading, as often, to a riveted crowd. (Really – Serena is just visualizing the story…) Grammy – […]

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Mommy, Daddy and an Ambulance Driver

Here’s an email I got this evening from Anne Terese, our extraordinary, awesome, fabulous caregiver for the girls: **************** Hello Michelle, I jotted these down earlier today and thought I’d send it your way while I was still thinking of it! An exchange while drawing pictures of you, Jim and myself: Annika: Daddy is a […]

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Two for Tea and Tea for Two…

Our friend Cynthia has a tea party every year (I’ve probably mentioned it before) with “hats and gloves optional”. I love wearing a hat and gloves each year. This year, Norma was here – and she provided beautiful hats for the party! So, here we are in our hats, ready to head off to the […]

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Happy Halloween!

  Wingless fairies in beautiful gowns made with love and labor by Grammy, from lace curtains out of the family cabin in Canada. Shiny handmade vests and matching shoe covers, too (and the sewing maching broke early in the game so there is much handsewing in these pretty fancies.) The wings were probably the most […]

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Pumpkin Patch Play

 Our friends, Heather and Brandon, have two kids – Eli (4.5) and Jakob (9ish months). We met in our Bradley Birth class back when we were pregnant with Serena and Eli. Since that time, we have become great friends. They live in Sisters, about 40 minutes away. We have two traditions we share with the […]

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