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This Pink Matches!

Last Friday morning Simone and I were playing on the landing during our one-on-one Friday morning time (Serena and Annika were at Spanish School), looking over the fifteen thousand little wooden beads that were strewn across the floor from early morning three-girl playtime. Simone picked up a pink bead and held it next to a […]

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Love the Little Things

Today is the first day back for Spring quarter for me. We went to Cali last week for Spring Break so I spend most of yesterday frantically pulling together materials for this quarter. It’s always exciting to anticipate the classroom energy I’ll get in each class – it can vary so greatly. So, it’s a […]

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Pumpkin Patch Play

 Our friends, Heather and Brandon, have two kids – Eli (4.5) and Jakob (9ish months). We met in our Bradley Birth class back when we were pregnant with Serena and Eli. Since that time, we have become great friends. They live in Sisters, about 40 minutes away. We have two traditions we share with the […]

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