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Aunt Nancy Jane Was Here

*Somehow this never got posted… * It’s from January. Since NJ is one of the three readers of this blog, I want to be sure this is here 😀 (xoxo, NJ!) **************** I virtually never take people to the airport when the leave from a visit. I usually have some good reason: have a work […]

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California Family Goodness (catch up from holidays)

We had so much fun in California, didn’t we? (I’m sorry if you weren’t there – it would have been So fun to have you there…) Dad and Joanne (who were newlyweds and still welcomed us in to TAKE OVER their house) are such amazing hosts. Seriously, I can only barely imagine how their life […]

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Happy Birthday (belated), Grammy!

As a belated birthday present for Norma (her birthday was August 29th), we took her to Jen’s Garden for dinner. It’s a cozy, fine-dining restaurant in a little cottage in Sisters (a psuedo-old west town about 20 miles northwest of us). We took her there because it is the best food I have tasted in […]

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