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Totally Random Girl Narrated (mostly) Photo Update

Serena and her fluffy soft pink slippers (she chose this picture to put in this update and uploaded it herself!) Happy Simone – playing with her new choo choo train spinning top from Grammy for Christmas Aunt Nancy! Reading, as often, to a riveted crowd. (Really – Serena is just visualizing the story…) Grammy – […]

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Oma and Nana Visit!

Oma (my Gramma) and Nana came to visit! Nothing beats the unstructured time of out of town visiting, especially with Norma’s generous and kind hospitality. They stayed next door at Norma’s house but could walk over to our house with great ease for dinner, visiting, various item exchanges… and we did the same. This arrangement […]

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Ice Cream

Really, Scout should have no rides ever. She needs every single ounce of energy expension we can muster for her because she is a very energetic dog. But, isn’t it funny, her in this stroller?! Nancy takes such good care of Scout. Scout gets fed first thing in the morning, walked at least once per […]

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Serena spent every other Wednesday morning from 10-12 at her friend Zoe’s (the other Wednesdays, Zoe was with us.) On these mornings, Annika and Simone (and Scout, on occasion) would hang out, doing whatever. It’s nice to mix up the mix at times because I think they all get a bit tired of being together, […]

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