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Our triennial hair salon adventure! I can’t believe that we don’t take the girls to get their hair cut professionally more often, it makes such a HUGE difference! Simone was very reluctant, until she saw that they give away lollipops if you get a haircut. Then she hopped right into the car and had them […]

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Rhythms of a Mompreneur – and I miss you.

Hello my beloved family and friends, I miss you. I miss writing with you in mind, imagining you listening. Most of you know (the three of you left still checking this blog) that I’ve been pretty absorbed in my business for the last year. At first it felt good to be so focused, to be […]

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This Pink Matches!

Last Friday morning Simone and I were playing on the landing during our one-on-one Friday morning time (Serena and Annika were at Spanish School), looking over the fifteen thousand little wooden beads that were strewn across the floor from early morning three-girl playtime. Simone picked up a pink bead and held it next to a […]

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Serena and the Bride

Serena and I went on a surprise date last November to a wedding show at The Tower Theatre, a historic theatre here in Bend. As you know, Serena loves fancy dresses, shoes, hair… well, anything fancy. So, it was a real hit of an event. We had so much fun. She sat mesmerized as the […]

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Tooth Fairy

Serena has had two loose front bottom teeth for over a month. We learned they were loose when she last saw Dr. Rex (our dentist, who is also a self-proclaimed superhero) and he explained that she is losing her teeth about 1.5 years early. He says there’s a high probability she will need substantial orthodontic […]

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Oh. Okay.

Simone is 21 months old. She LOVES conversation. In fact, I’m pretty       sure that her love of conversation is the reason she is having significant trouble (read: refusing and or passionately resisting) sleep suddenly. Sometimes it takes her over an hour to go to sleep. (Funny parenting side note: with Serena – and even still […]

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Living the Dream, Part 2

After I wrote that blog post called, “Living the Dream”, I was rushing down the dark stairway after putting Simone to bed and I hit a stair just exactly wrong and twisted my ankle. I was on the bottom stair, writhing in pain, and Scout just kept licking my face – just like in those […]

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Explaining Death

Serena, Annika and I were driving to Trader Joe’s today, practicing spelling and talking about their names. We talked about how Serena’s middle name is after her Uncle Aaron and how Annika’s middle name is after Jim’s grandmother, Lummy – whose given name was Maxine. Annika asked where Lummy is and Serena explained that she […]

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Happy Mommy Moves

I just found this list I wrote in my notebook, who knows when. It’s titled Happy Mommy Moves. 1. Stay home – it’s simpler. 2. Have them clean up their mess. 3. Sit and read for five minutes. 4. Read to the girls. 5. Clean or pick up as you go. 6. Plan dinner early. […]

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No More Nursing

Well, Simone is weaned. That’s it. And the nursing road for Simone and I wasn’t paved smoothly, so I think I thought I’d be entirely relieved when she stopped nursing. But, I’m not. I mean, I am relieved. It was my decision, if anything she was sort of ramping up on her nursing… but still, […]

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